FIORETTA TEAM: 10 questions with export manager Fatih Filiz

Fatih Filiz export manager at Fioretta Home

FIORETTA TEAM: 10 questions with export manager Fatih Filiz

Fatih Filiz has been working as an export manager at Fioretta Home for more than 7 years. In our short interview, he explained

  • how has the trade of fabrics changed since his beginnings,
  • what changes have been brought by Covid-19,
  • how to start exporting fabrics from Turkey,
  • why should you import fabrics from Turkey,
  • and finally, what are Fioretta Home’s plans for 2022.

1. How long have you been working as an export manager at Fioretta Home?

I have been working at Fioretta Home since 2015.

2. Can you tell us more about your journey to becoming an export manager?

It has been a long process. I started to work in the foreign trade department in 1995. Since then I have been trying to get better every year by following new trends in international trade and keeping up with all the procedures. It never ends. I am still improving and learning.

3. How has the trade of fabrics changed since you first started to work in export?

It was more relaxed at the beginning. I mean in the 1990s. But after a while,  it became more difficult and less profitable. Now, marketing takes more and more effort.

4. Has Covid-19 brought any major changes to the trade of fabrics? Do you think that these changes will last?

Of course, Covid-19 has brought many changes to our marketing process. For example, now there are many trade shows taking place on digital platforms. If anybody told us this just 1 year before the pandemic, we would never believe them. But it’s the reality now. I think these changes are not going to last. I mean, it’s not going to stop here, it is just the beginning. We must prepare ourselves for even more unthinkable changes in the future. Nobody knows what the future brings.

5. Are there any other major disruptions of trade we should get prepared for in near future?  

Everything is possible. We must always be prepared for the unexpected.

6. What would be your advice for somebody who wants to start exporting fabrics? How should they start?

It’s a good question. The first step would be to learn all the details about your products. Then, research the markets and choose the market according to your products. When the market and the products match, it’s a good start for the business.

7. How would you describe the textile industry in Turkey compared to some other countries?

Turkish textile industry is exactly in the middle. The European products have the best quality but they are very expensive. On the other hand, the eastern products are cheap but they have lower quality. Turkish products, however, have both, acceptable prices as well as quality. This gives us an advantage in the market. The only thing we need is very professional marketing.

8. Why should somebody import fabrics from Turkey rather than from somewhere else? Could you tell us what are the main advantages of importing fabrics from Turkey?

I want to answer this question from an economic perspective, rather than a political one. Some companies prefer to import fabrics from Turkey because the prices are more competitive here and the quality is better. Another thing is the location of Turkey. The shipping time from Turkey to Europe takes only 10 – 15 days by land.  Similarly, the transport costs from Turkey are more affordable if you compare them with other export countries.

9. How would you describe Fioretta Home as a brand? Who is your ideal customer?

Fioretta brand has been building its presence in our main markets since 1995. The good thing is that the brand is already known and searched for in these markets. When the customers see the Fioretta name, they know that they will receive exactly what they order and get the best price. Because of this, our market share keeps growing. At the moment our customers are mainly wholesalers and importers.

10. What are Fioretta Home’s plans for this year?

Each year we develop around 700 – 750 new designs. We are planning the same amount for this year. We will present them at the INTERNATIONAL OBSERVATORY fair in Como, Italy in April, and HOMETEX 2022 fair in Istanbul, Turkey in May. These two fairs are the only trade shows we are going to attend this year. But usually, we participate in about 4 – 5 fairs a year. But the impact of the pandemic is still very much felt in the world of international trade shows, and many of them have been already canceled or postponed this year.

For more questions about the export of fabrics and Fioretta’s products, you can contact Fatih Filiz at

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