Curtain Fabrics

Curtain Fabrics

Curtains can be made from any fabric imaginable, but some fabrics are more suitable for living rooms than others. Additionally, heavy fabrics help insulate any room, so they work better in cold climates. Similarly, light fabrics should be preferred for those living in hot climates. Below, you can find the most preferred curtain fabrics:

Silk. Silk curtains are classic and traditional. Silk, a quality fabric, may allow light to pass through, but it is generally successful in light and heat insulation. It is an expensive curtain choice due to its silk quality.

Cotton. Cotton is probably the most convenient curtain fabric (and easiest to clean). Cotton curtains are available in every colours and styles and can be formal or casual based on the style. However, it tends to be a little stiffer than other fabrics.

Linen. Linen is light and usually transparent. Therefore, it is preferred for comfortable and modern rooms.

Velvet. Velvet has a luxurious look and is a heavy and thick fabric. It might be overkill for modern and simple living rooms. It is generally used in background curtains and is more suitable for living rooms furnished in a classical style. Like silk, velvet is an expensive fabric.

Tulle. If you want something that lets light through, tulle is the best. However, they don’t offer much privacy. For this reason, tulle curtains are used together with sunshades.

Polyester. Polyester fabric is generally used in roller blinds. It is cheaper than other fabrics and offers many features. In addition, they do not wrinkle much and do not hold dirt.

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