Free Samples


We strongly advise that you order fabric samples of your chosen fabric before placing your final order. You can order up to six free fabric samples per order. You are not allowed to order more than 6 samples unless agreed otherwise.

Samples are dispatched by DHL usually within 1-3 working days, this time can be slightly longer during busy periods. You will be notified about the delivery time of your order in your order confirmation.

Postage costs will apply to each sample order. Postage costs are calculated based on the consignment’s weight so it will vary depending on the number of samples as well as the type of fabric. You will be informed about the final postage costs of your order in your order confirmation.

If your business is based in Italy, Portugal, Greece, or Spain your sample order will have to be approved by our local agents.  We have a right to decline any order that is not approved by our local agents due to a possible breach of exclusivity or for any other reason.

If you require an exact match of your sample and the final fabric please ask for a cutting before the shipment. Very slight differences in fabric touch and color tone may occur from batch to batch. This service is provided free of charge for orders over 100 meters.

Our fabric samples of plain designs have a standard size of 210 x 297 mm ( A4 paper size) and contain all color variations listed for a product on its product page.  The fabric samples of our designs with patterns differ in size. They are prepared as waterfall hangers with all colors and one color cut in a way to display the whole pattern when opened. The length of the waterfall hangers generally does not exceed 1 mt. String curtain samples include about 5-10 cm of strings from each color. The length of the hanger is about 120 cm.

We usually cut 1 mt of fabric, full width, if a cutting before the shipment is requested. Smaller pieces can be also cut, however for bigger pieces postage costs may be charged.

If you want to order more than 6 samples or you would like to receive larger fabric pieces please contact us.